The world through my naked eyes…

Poezia asta n-are inca un titlu,e asa…k sa fie scris un titlu:)


We see the good,we see the bad

We see the things that lie ahead,

We see the wicked and the evil,

They crawl all over possessed by a devil

They paint the world with blood and night

They make the people start a fight

I wanna rise up from my bed

And see a little good instead

Not the same old rotten faces

And the same old rusty places.

Like a bird that flies away,

I wanna lose myself today,

Lose myself out in the world

Forget the madness with a word.

But words bring pain,

They teach in vain,

About a world of hopes and dreams

And they just bring uncertainties.

So keep your treasures in a place

Where noone else can find their taste.

Cause all those goodies taste so well

But each and every soul can tell

That when a thief will steal a treasure

He’ll use it only for his pleasure.

But when the pleasure goes away

He’ll find no reason to still play,

He’ll throw you in the darkest corner

And leave your whole life in disorder

To finish out this preaching word

And set your soul free through the world

You should find a way to fight suppression

And rise above the soul’s possession


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